Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good Training Day

The Fleet Feet group had another great training day today! We were pretty lucky - it rained last night, early this morning and after we finished. But while we were walking there was no precipitation. The temps were in the high 40s, so it wasn't too chilly. It's funny how we all thought the weather was GREAT! High 40s and damp. If it were June we would all definitely be complaining! It was funny too, how many of us were over-dressed. I ended up having to unzip my jacket and my fleece vest.

I'm glad I'm involved. It's a really nice group of athletes. I'm sure we will have a great time during the half marathon in April.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ohio Weather

Who knows what Ohio weather will bring! Throughout most of December we have had record low temperatures. Then, just in time for Christmas, the temperatures rose, the rain began and the snow melted. That's OK, the snow will be back and will melt several more times before winter is over.

Today at lunch the skies were sunny, the temperatures mild and I just could not help taking a short walk. It was only 10 minutes by the river, but it was beautiful! I was very inspired and decided I would walk 3 miles when I got home in the early evening. Besides, I had eaten 3 cookies that I really did not need that morning and I had been feeling sluggish and guilty. (They were not even tasty cookies!)

I had been away from windows most of the afternoon and was floored when I looked outside at 4 p.m. to see grey rainy skies. Not what I expected! By the time I got home, it was barely sprinkling and in the mid-50s, so I decided to go ahead and walk. The sprinkling stopped shortly after I started. I walked hard and worked up a sweat as I headed to the park next to the nearby library. By the time I was heading back I got a call from my son saying he needed a glue stick, so I stopped at the local store. (I had money, but was 12 cents short. The cashier kicked in the last few cents! What a nice guy!) The temps had dropped to about 50 and after being inside I got chilled when I went back outside. I had to pick up the pace just to keep warm.

I am so glad I took this walk today! Though my training schedule said I needed to rest today, I missed my 30-min walk yesterday. I felt so great, I walked over 45 min! What a great way to spend a really grey day!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Weather is Relative

I knew a month ago that as soon as I was acclimated 32 degrees would not feel cold. Thank goodness I am acclimated!

I went out in one pair of walking pants (thicker than sweatpants), one long-sleeved shirt, a fleece vest and a windproof jacket. I also had on a headband for my ears, cheap gloves and a scarf. I prefer a tube thing that is fleece that I wear on my neck, but I couldn't find it today. I really hate having a cold neck.

After 15 min I was too hot. I was unzipping the jacket and vest to let out the heat. My hands were so hot I almost took off my gloves. These are the same gloves my hands froze in last week. I still needed the scarf because my face was cold.

I was in the neighborhood and walked mostly in the streets because not many of our sidewalks are clear. It felt so good, that after I finished my usual route in under 30 min, I went up and down the cul de sacs by our house to make it an almost 45 min workout.

It feels great to be able to be outside on a day like this! If the typical Ohio weather holds up, we should lose all of our snow tomorrow as rain is predicted, and highs around 45. That's OK. It will feel almost like spring after the record lows we've had.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Early Saturday Walk

Yesterday morning it was beautiful as a group of us walked in Westerville. Though about 20 degrees, there was no wind and the sun began to shine as we walked. It was the first day of the Fleet Feet program to help people train for the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus, OH April 1. I'm working with the walkers.

There were 8 of us and we had a good time. (There were lots more runners, but just 8 walkers.) I have never met a walker I didn't like!

In addition to making sure I was up early and moving, the walk motivated me! It felt great being out there in the brisk air with the early morning sun. I kept thinking that I should do it every Saturday, not just when I'm in training. I then had the rest of the day for shopping. (I'm not done yet.)

I am really looking forward to the rest of these Saturday walks!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Good Walk

I like walking in the snow as long as the wind isn't blowing. Walking in the snow at night is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I like the way it seems light out, even late in the evening because of porch lights reflecting off the snow. I really like the way a blanket of snow muffles traffic noises and other intrusive sounds. It's easy to get lost in thought when all you can hear are your own feet crunching along.

Tonight I went out in my hiking boots, jeans and winter coat just to trek through the neighborhood. Though it is cold out, about 32 degrees, the snow had been melting most of the day making it slushy. I wore the boots because I wasn't in the mood to wear sneakers and get my feet all wet. My usual route, which takes about 28 min., took about 40 tonight, but that was OK. It was one of those walks where I was concentrating so hard on where to put my feet, and was so deep in thought, I was momentarily lost. I do this a lot. I lose track of the streets I had turned on, and have to look around to be sure of where I am.

I feel great after this walk, but I'm also a little nervous. This Saturday is our first training walk for the Capital City Half Marathon (April 1), and I'm worried about what I will wear. I don't think I can show up in my hiking boots and winter coat! I'm sure it won't be too frigid and I'll just wear some of the old jackets and gloves I wore last year. They aren't pretty, but with enough layers, they did keep me warm.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Practice what you Preach

For the first time in months, I was available when my walking club met this morning. In fact, we were even meeting at an indoor track! What more could I want?

Well, when the alarm clock went off this morning I shut it off and rolled over. I had plenty of sleep, I need the exercise and I was excited to see everyone. It wasn't so much that I wanted to stay in bed, I just didn't want to get OUT of bed. I'm not sure that really makes sense, but in my mind it feels different. In my defense, this is the first time I have slept in in a very long time.

Regardless, I have to have more self discipline. Starting next weekend, I will work harder to get up and walk every single Saturday morning. Of course, I will be meeting with the Fleet Feet walkers, so I will have people depending on me, but I promise, I will be there.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Baby it's Cold Outside!

To be ready for the first Fleet Feet training day Dec. 17, I decided I need to start walking every day regardless of the weather. I have not been walking enough to be acclimated. It was about 20 degrees this evening when I was finally able to go out. Based on advice from articles in the Winter issue of WALK! Magazine, I wore one long-sleeved T-shirt, thick walking pants, a fleece vest, a headband thing over my ears, and cheap gloves.

I decided to give it a few minutes and walked briskly away from my house. After 10 min I realized that I did not have on enough clothes. I was freezing! My arms were VERY cold, my hands were frozen! I had my hands balled up inside the gloves and that helped a little. Because I was already 10 min away from home, I just kept going to walk the entire 30 min I had scheduled.

Thank goodness there was no wind! After today I know I need another layer - either a wind shirt, wind-proof jacket, or another shirt - GOOD gloves or mittens. If it is windy, I'll definitely need the Gator on my neck.

Regardless, it felt good to be outside. I know if I keep walking, pretty soon I won't even notice the weather.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


We just sent the fourth issue of WALK! Magazine to the printer. I look back at everything we accomplished this year and I'm very proud. At the same time I'm struck by the exciting new beginnings we have in the works.

First, I just started this Blog! The reactions from readers will be interesting!

We have just agreed to help John Bingham Racing develop a walking division for both their Columbus Distance Classic and the Arizona Distance Classic half marathons! This should be a great opportunity for us to be seen more nationally.

I have also agreed to help the local Fleet Feet store train walkers to finish the Columbus Distance Classic. The store has a great training program already in place and helped many athletes prepare for the Columbus Marathon this year. If I'm not mistaken, this will be the first time they have had a walking coach. I'm very excited!

We are talking to some Team in Training groups to see how we can help their fundraising and support their walking athletes. Team in Training helped me through my first ever half marathon over five years ago. It's a great organization.

We are planning a reader survey. Access to the survey will be available in mid-December from our web site. A survey is the only way we can effectively plan what our readers want.

Finally, we are planning to hire outside help for advertising. We are already represented by Shooting Star Media for national shoe advertising, but we need someone to handle the rest. Without advertising dollars, we cannot afford to publish. This position will be key for us.

I'm glad we are nearly done with our first year of publishing. It has been a stressful and rewarding first year. Even with 20 years of publishing experience I am learning a LOT! And the people I have met along the way have been fantastic!

I am look forward to many great things ahead for us, and this is just the beginning.