Monday, January 16, 2006

Back to the Beginning

I've decided to go back to the beginning. Starting this week, I am following the training schedule for the half marathon to the letter. The only way I will be able to recover from my weak knees is to strengthen them and I usually strengthen them by walking.

So, today I walked for 40 min. I'm not totally without common sense. I did take it very easy. In fact, I walked just to the library and back - normally a 30-min trip - in that 40 min. I did not try to racewalk at all. I walked a little faster than a stroll.

When I got home my knees felt pretty good. The tendon felt fine. I still iced my knees and the contenting ends of the tendon. I don't feel any unusual swelling. OK, for me, what is unusual swelling?

Tomorrow is another 40-min day. I'm looking forward to it. If the temps are as mild as they were today, it will be great to be outside again.

I realize I haven't mentioned much about the magazine. I have really good news! Two more retailers what to carry it! I'm so excited! One in Charlottesville, VA and the other in Dublin, OH. I'll post more info later this week

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