Tuesday, June 29, 2010

13:48 Mile

I talked my husband into walking with me tonight. We did two laps at Antrim Park at an easy pace, then I did a third lap alone at a fairly hard pace -- 16:34 for 1.2 miles -- a 13:48 mile!

What is amazing is, I have not walked hard in over a week and I did not feel as if I was walking overly hard today! And to walk 13:48 usually requires quite a bit of effort from me.

So two great things happened: 1) I got my husband out walking with me and, 2) I was at a great pace.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Couple of Walks

This morning I got in a 50-min. walk before church. I felt so drained it was one of those "arms down casual" walks. Not sure why I felt so drained. Though it was hot, the temps were not unbearable. and yesterday's walk was not very strenuous and only 4 miles.

Because I didn't feel strong this morning, I did another neighborhood walk about 8 this evening. It was pretty humid -- the sky was dark and getting ready to storm. It wasn't as hot, though. Still, for the first 20 min. I felt drained and walked casually with my arms down. Luckily, I then got a sudden burst of energy and tried a little racewalking. Though it felt great, I could only manage about 20 min.

I'm wondering if I might have caught something minor. I've had a cough for a few days (typical for me when in AC all day), Mexican food didn't agreed with me a couple days ago, and I've been feeling a little achy on and off.

Because I'm not feeling so bad I need to stay in bed, I'll just keep plugging along and hope it goes away soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food Issues Last Night

Last night my daughter and I went to a Mexican restaurant for a celebration Margarita. While there I also ordered some mini tacos with carnitas. They tasted pretty good and the pico de gallo was great. Everything else -- beans, soup, empanadas -- were not so good.

About a minute after we left the parking lot, I had a terrible stomach ache. It was bad enough that I stopped at a fast food restaurant for a drink and had my daughter drive home. It got progressively worse and I eventually lost my tacos. My first thought was "What a waste of a good Margarita!"

Though I did feel better immediately after the food left me, I didn't feel "right" the rest of the night. I actually didn't even feel quite right today, either. In fact, we ended up going to Skyline for dinner tonight (I know. Not smart, but it wasn't my idea.) and I didn't feel quite right after that either. After an easy evening walk, my entire body was achy.

So, though I have already decided that I will not eat at that restaurant again, I'm not convinced that feeling bad was caused entirely by the food. I have been feeling a little tired and I'm getting a summer cough. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weight Loss Update

I lost the bet I had with Tammy and Larry Walks Fast. I did not reach my goal weight by June 1. Actually, when I finally started losing weight, I thought it was so easy, I got cocky and fell off the plan. I quit watching what I ate and went back to my old unsuccessful way of guessing at what I had eaten and how many calories I had burned.

At the beginning of May I had either 2 lbs. or 4 lbs. to lose -- depending on whether my original goal weight ended up being too light. I had a couple of parties to go to and a funeral to attend and I just quit paying attention. Before I knew it, I had gained 3 lbs. back and it was the end of May!

The good news is -- I am back on track! As of yesterday I am back down to my May 1 weight and now have either 2 lbs. or 4 lbs. to go depending on whether my original goal weight was too light (which it might be).

So I owe Tammy a pair of socks and I think I owe Larry a dinner. But that's OK. During the weight loss plan I have had a ton of people tell me I look younger! (Part of it is a better haircut and better color.) Thanks to Tammy and Larry for encouraging me!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rainy Saturday -- But I Walked!

This morning it was raining pretty hard at 7 when I was supposed to leave the house to meet Deb. Elaine left me a message saying she was not going -- hail was expected. I started to head out to the park, but on the freeway the rain fell harder and I decided to return home. Around 8 the rain was lighter and I started to feel guilty for not going. Two weeks in a row I missed walking because of heavy rain that magically stopped after I decided not to walk.

In the meantime, I ran some errands and the rain came and went. Finally around 2, I dropped my son off at the gym and went to Antrim Park with the plan to do 3 laps for about 3.6 miles. It was sprinkling on my way, and I almost turned around but I decided I could walk through it. Besides, I had one of my water-resistant jackets with me.

As soon as I reached the park the rain stopped. After the second lap I felt so good I decided right there that I would do 4. I was pretty inconsistent when it came to speed: 17:51, 17:08, 17:20,17:29. I walked a 14:16 mile and I didn't even realize it! I didn't feel fast at all. (The fact I desperately needed to stop at the Port-a-john after mile 2 probably made me faster.)

I really enjoyed the walk and I think part of the reason is that it wasn't scheduled. I did it because I wanted to, not because I had to. Maybe that is what I need to get past my burn out -- walking because I want to.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Walked Two Days in a Row

Normally my walking two days in a row is not earth-shattering news. But since I have been feeling burned out for a little while, it's a big deal!

Yesterday after dinner my husband walked in the neighborhood with me for 45 min. It felt great!

Today immediately after work my friend Deb and I walked for about 50 min and it also felt great! It was a good thing we walked early -- a huge storm hit after dinner with lots of thunder and lightning and even a tornado on the other side of town. It felt so good to get in the exercise, I even rode the antique exercise bike for 30 min during the storm.

I think I'm starting to work through feeling burned out.