Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time is NOT on my side

I've had some fantastic walks over the last two weekends and just have not had a chance to write about them!

I have some great things going on with the magazine, I'm very excited, and again, have not had time to write about them.

I've lost the momentum about the walks, so maybe next time. But I can fill you in about the magazine.

1) We are hopeful to have someone selling advertising fulltime sometime soon! Woo hoo!
2) We had magazine samples at an EBSCO event over the past weekend. (Libraries buy magazines through EBSCO.) It seems very promising!
3) The Columbus Distance Classic is this weekend and it will be great to see all of the walkers at the expo. I am so proud of the walkers who trained with me through the Fleet Feet training program!
4) We are talking to a couple of other races/events about possible sponsorship! I will let you know as soon as details are finalized. (Look for us in Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon later this year!)

That is it for now.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Goals

I've come to the realization that, even though I have trained for the Capital City Distance Classic, it is impractical for me to actually enter it. I'm coordinating a group of volunteers who will monitor the course. It seems silly to have all of them working hard, watching walkers, while I'm enjoying myself in the race.

This bothered me because I plan to complete 6 half marathons this year. Having one in April would make things much easier.

As it turns out, there is another half in Xenia, OH the weekend after! All I have to do is change my training slightly - do 8 miles this week, 10 miles next week, then taper - and I'll be fine! Xenia will be a much smaller race. I'm sure I will be alone most of the way. However, I did notice there were several people who finished last year's race in over 3 hours, so I might be able to find someone to walk with.

Right now it looks like my half marathon schedule will go like this:
  • Xenia, OH - April 9
  • Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati - May 7
  • Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland - May 21
  • I can't remember the name, Columbus, OH - July 22
  • News and Sentinel, Parkersburg, WV - August 19
  • Air Force Marathon, Dayton, OH - September 16

If anyone is planning to enter any of these, let me know!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sunny Florida

It may seem that I am obsessed with weather. Maybe I am.

I had the opportunity to be in Orlando for three days. (Unrelated to WALK! Magazine.) What a difference from Ohio! I left grey skies and iffy weather, though for Ohio it isn't really cold. I arrived to 85 degrees and beautiful sunshine! Meetings prevented much walking, but I was able to be out for about 45 minutes March 15. It was wonderful walking around looking at palm trees, flowering plants with vibrant colors, and green grass. (Though the grass in Florida is different from the Kentucky Blue I'm used to up here.) The sun was shining and there was a refreshing breeze. Even the humidity cooperated. I know the heat and humidity of summer in Florida would be difficult for me to deal with, but this time of year it was exactly what I needed.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


First: I'll just say that both kids are recovering beautifully! Thank you everyone who asked about them. Our daughter was back at school on Monday and is already caught up on her classes. Our son's nose is back to it's normal size and is not longer crooked!

Second: The magazine is at the printer, the proof has been approved and the mailing list will be sent Monday. It should be out in just a couple of days. Woo Hoo!

Third: I walked 10 miles on Saturday in training for the April 1 Half Marathon. Unfortunately, I got blisters for the first time in years! I'm not sure if it is shoes, because I have not walked that far in this brand before or because I didn't wear my favorite brand of socks. Regardless, it felt great and we averaged just a little faster than a 15-min mile. Not bad considering I'm recovering from injuries last year. The weather was beautiful for a change and didn't start raining until I was in my car on the way home.

Fourth: Today I interviewed Steve Vaught - The Fat Man Walking! What an interesting guy! I had planned the usual 1-2 hours for the interview and it lasted much longer. I could have stayed and talked to him for hours longer. I hope you all will enjoy reading about him in the Summer issue of WALK!

I think that's it. You all are now officially caught up!