Saturday, July 08, 2006

Most Walker-Friendly Race and Best City for Walkers

I thought about this just as I posted my last blog entry.

WALK! Magazine will be selecting the most walker-friendly event and the Best City for Walkers in 2007. It's a great way for us to promote walking at races and in cities as a whole.

We will promote the event throughout the year, have training schedules, etc., and maybe we can get a big group to walk it together.

I'm hoping we can also plan a trip to the walking friendly city, and maybe do something fun there. We might schedule a visit around a 5K race or a walking only event. Maybe present the mayor with a plaque. It will be fun!

We are working on the criteria and will let you know how to vote when we are ready!

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Judy Jackson said...

This sounds like a fabulous idea! I can't wait to make a nomination.