Saturday, October 28, 2006

Does "Moonwalking" Count?

It's Halloween weekend and as usual I went to a Friday-night party. This year my husband and I went against tradition and did separate costumes. It was entirely my fault - I found something perfect for me, and we couldn't think of anything to go with it.

OK, I went to the party as Michael Jackson. I'm not sure what decade I represented, but the wig was pretty long, I wore dark aviator sunglasses and my skin tone was just about perfect as is. Very few people who know me guessed I was behind the glasses. Those who saw my husband were told I didn't feel like going to the party. (It did feel weird avoiding him most of the night.) The good news is, I technically won the costume contest! The bad news is, the DJ made a mistake and I actually received third place. All of the judges told me after the fact that they had voted for me. The funny thing is, they were more ticked about it than I was.

So, now my question: Does "Moonwalking" count for training miles?

A bonus for those who read this blog is a picture of me as Michael. Check it out here:

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