Monday, April 23, 2012

Hating WordPress or I Need Help

Every time I go to the WordPress website, I see that it is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Then why have I invested hours of my time and I am unable to make it work?

I am not stupid. Though I must admit I have limited patience for learning a new technology or software. That said, I think devoting several hours over several days means that maybe, just maybe, WordPress is not nearly as easy as advertised. (I believe it really did take only 5 minutes to set up this blog.)

Here are my issues:
  1. There are hundreds of pages of information on how to set up the blog. There is way too much information for an "easy" process.
  2. I set up the template, saved it to my website, but when I make changes and save, they do NOT show up on the live blog.
  3. Somehow I seem to have created two separate blogs -- one on and the other on How did that happen?
  4. Once I thought I had it figured out, I tried to move this Blog to the WordPress blog. I keep getting an error message, but there does not seem to be a solution to the error. The problem could be that Yahoo is not a Google product, but I don't know. I found another website that had an "easy" way to move a Blogger blog, but this also included posting html code in a variety of places. I'm sorry, but if I have to use html to make it work, it is not "easy". (For the record, I do know a little bit about html, and have edited files, etc., but that doesn't mean I can do this.)
  5. I decided to set up a free blog on WordPress first, then figure out how to move it to my Yahoo account later. Even that is not easy. I make changes, save the file and the changes do not show up. I'm find this entire process WAY too CONFUSING!

In the meantime, I have a million other things I would rather be doing: walking, writing, even cleaning my house. But this easy process is driving me nuts.

If anyone has a "easy" solution -- I mean easy for me, not easy for a programmer -- please let me know. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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