Saturday, July 28, 2012

Long Slow Distance was Slow

The Buckeye Striders met at Sharon Woods park today to do our long slow distance. Several of us training for the Air Force Marathon (Half) were scheduled to do 8 miles today, so we started at 7 a.m.

When I say we were slow, I'm not exaggerating. We were mostly around 14:50 per mile with more than one mile slower than 15 minutes! Once we got slower than 15 min per mile, I went to the front thinking I could pull the group along. Nancy, Steve and I picked up the pace, but the rest kept chatting and slowing as they went.

Three of us finished our nearly 8 miles (It is a 3.8-mile loop)  in under 2 hours. The rest of the group -- who knows.

As I often have to remind myself -- it is a long slow distance day. Still, I don't think we have to go quite that slow!

Regardless, it was a fun morning and I feel great. 


Perry Spearman said...

I just started exercising last Sunday and have started walking regularly. Purchased a Fitbit device and walked 8 miles today (the longest yet). I'm a 6', 45 year old male weighing 202lbs. I looked at my pace on the Fitbit site and I was at an avg of 14:14/hr. I think of myself as a fast walker and was surprised to read your post and learn this is a slow pace. I guess I haven't walked with any fast walkers yet. I looked forward to meeting some in my area and picking up my pace to burn the most calories. I want to get to 184lb. Thanks for your blog - I searched for "walking magazine" today on google and found your site.

Cindi said...

Hi Perry!
Whether a pace is slow or not is relative. We usually walk a 14:15 to 14:30 pace on our long slow distance days, so walking close to a 15-min mile felt slow. (My race pace is getting progressively faster than that.) You must be pretty fit if you are able to walk 8 miles averaging 14:14 within your first week! You should not have a problem fitting in with most walking clubs I know about. Good luck! Keep up the good work!

Perry Spearman said...

Thanks Cindi! I appreciate your feedback. I'm going to search for a walking club here in my area in New Hampshire. I like walking outside and find it relaxing. I'm looking forward to making it part of long term lifestyle. I'll keep reading your blog. Thank you for writing and sharing your love of walking! Be well!

Cindi said...

Thank you for the positive comments!