Tuesday, June 19, 2007

4 Miles Tonight

I was able to squeeze in my 4 miles shortly after I got home this evening. It stopped raining just after I got in the house from my car (after I was soaked). So I changed and went out walking as quickly as possible just in case the rain came back. I didn't take sunglasses, thinking I wouldn't need them - it had been raining afterall. The sun was pretty bright for about 30 mins. which made it pretty humid. I walked to the library, did two laps at the park and walked back, it should be closer to 4.4 miles.

This was weird. The soles of my shoes were slick when wet. I tried to stay on the dry parts of the walking path, but when the soles were wet, the pavement was slick. There are a couple of tiny steep hills on the path, and I had to walk int he grass going down them to keep from slipping.

Oh, the best part! My family waited to eat dinner with me! They even fixed dinner.

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