Sunday, December 30, 2007

Walk, Don't Run - The Movie

I've heard a lot about this movie starring Cary Grant, but had never seen it before. I finally checked it out of the library this week.

It was typical of 60s style movies in so many ways. But what I found funny was that Jim Hutton's character never tells anyone what Olympic event he is entered in. His friend is a hurdler and he says he "used" to be a hurdler, almost as if he is embarrassed by his event. Near the end of the movie we see he is a race walker.

If you have never seen this movie, you have to watch the last 20 min or so just to see how the race walkers walk. They are so slow that Cary Grant can keep up with them with no training whatsoever!

OK, after you watch this movie, pull out your video of the last summer Olympics 50K race walk and compare. (Yea, I know you still have it.) The movie is even funnier now, isn't it.

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