Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter in Ohio

I woke up early this morning, made pancakes for the sleeping members of my family and head out for a short walk. Typical of Ohio weather, just wait a few minutes, and it will change.

When I woke up this morning, the temps were in the mid-50s and it was raining. By the time I got outside, the rain had stopped and the temps were in the low 50s.

Later, when I took my son out for one final holiday shopping trip, it had started snowing and was in the low 30s!

I'm pretty proud of myself for making it out today. However, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! It was sunny and warm with not even a hint of precipitation. If I would have just woken up in time to walk with my walking club, I could have enjoyed that beautiful morning. Lately, my timing has been pretty bad when it comes to planning walks and weather. If I would just get out when I know I should, I'm sure I'd have a lot more beautiful days under my belt.

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