Monday, February 16, 2009

Training for Cincinnati a Little Late!

It just dawned on me this week that I have a little over eight weeks until the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon! That's what happens when job and life stress take over -- you forget all about your health and fitness responsibilities.

Well, today is Monday and for me, starting something new on Mondays seems to help with the success rate. I got up early on my day off and took a one-hour walk through the neighborhood. Part of this walk was to get me started training for the half marathon -- part was to evaluate how much muscle and endurance I have lost.

Though not a speed demon, I walked the entire hour at a reasonable pace and did a two-minute cool down. I tried to maintain good racewalking form, though I could feel in my back that I lost it in the middle.

I feel good. I could have easily walked farther. Though I'm a little worried about entering that very hilly half marathon under trained, after today's walk I feel pretty good about my chances.

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