Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I don't know why I am so nervous about this upcoming issue of WALK. We have some great articles! The topics include snowshoeing, treating plantar fasciitis, how to avoid gaining holiday weight, how to lose weight, walking faster by walking faster and more. We also have our first gift-giving guide! My favorite article is about Gary Berliant, a Special Olympian who racewalks. Despite many setbacks, Gary keeps plugging along, and has won 3 gold medals at Special Olympics racewalks. He is so inspiring! In fact, seeing what this young man has accomplished makes me feel somewhat sluggish.

I always tend to be hyper-cricital of myself, but explaining why others will like the Winter issue has convinced me I have no reason to be nervous. I am absolutely positive you will find something to like in the Winter issue!


Anonymous said...

Cindi, from what I've seen of your past work product, you have nothing to fear. Dan

Cindi said...