Saturday, November 11, 2006

Winter vs. Rain

Today I'm putting the finishing touches on the Winter issue of WALK! Magazine. Reading about how to snowshoe has made me really look forward to snow and giving this sport a try! Many of you know that I enjoy walking in snow anyway so it seems like a natural for me.

I just took a break from editing to look out my window. After searching through great photos of beautiful white snow and mountains, I was depressed to see it is rainy and dreary out there. Brown wet leaves cover the ground. It just looks miserable. I need to get in some miles today, but geez - out there in the yucky rain? I feel cold even thinking about going out there. (My neighbors must be more disciplined than I am, several have walked or jogged by.)

It has dawned on me how weird it is that I find fall cold and miserable, but I look forward to winter and snow. Those of you who live in really cold areas have to think I'm nuts. A lot of my attitude comes from not being able to get climatized. I can't stand having the temps be in the 70s one day and down in the 30s the next. I find I am always overdressed and mostly cold until the temps are a little more consistent. And, though rain in November is pretty bad, rain in February is the worst! Being cold and wet at the same time is horrible! (I experienced this during the Last Chance for Boston, Dublin, OH, in February a couple of years ago.)

My obsession with posting about weather and how it makes me feel leads to one thing today: I would rather walk in winter snow than rain, any day!

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