Wednesday, January 10, 2007


One of my biggest nutrition issues is that I am not hungry in the morning and do not like to eat breakfast. I know how important it is to eat breakfast, and I try. Usually I'll have a Trader Joe's granola bar in the car, then around 10 eat a piece of fruit. I'm starving by the time lunch rolls around.

I have recently discovered the joys of instant oatmeal! Trader Joe's has some great instant oatmeals including one with dried blueberries. It cooks in about 60 seconds and because of the fruit, it doesn't need sugar. I LOVE it! On chilly mornings it is perfect for me.

I ran out of the blueberry oatmeal this week so tried some plain we had around the house. Not nearly as tasty and it definitely needed sugar, but it still tasted good. The other benefit is I'm not starving when lunch rolls around.

I'll still have to eat fruit mid-morning to be sure I get enough servings in a day, but it sure is nice not feeling so hungry I overeat. I'm also beginning to look forward to eating breakfast!

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