Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Overcoming Set Backs

My training is a little behind schedule. Once I had the time to resume walking, it was too cold. Now, I walk year-round, so I don't really like to blame a lack of training on the weather. When I'm out regularly, I get acclimated and I like being out in winter. However, it's difficult to jump-start a training program in the middle of a freezing spell. During my last regular walks the temps were very mild and now it's been below freezing and snowy. (I know, it's winter in Ohio.)

I finally decided that if I am going to be ready for the Country Music Half Marathon, I have to get out and walk. I bundled up and went out for 30 minutes today. Because the sidewalks are clear, I didn't have to wear my boots and I missed the crunchy snow I love, but it still felt great.

I feel energized and enthusiastic. And as always, walking helps relieve stress. (I've had a LOT of stress lately.)

I'm ready to get back to walking!

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