Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Speed Workout

I tried to get out of our first speed workout since Big Sur (2 weeks ago) because of the rain, but Deb insisted it had stopped in plenty of time. (Nice switch for us.) We lightened the workout a little. After about a 10-min warm up, we walked half-mile sprints, at a fast yet comfortable pace. We walked a total of 3 miles with a 3-min break between sprints.

We were pretty fast! Our first couple laps were at 7:10, the fastest were around 6:56. If we had been walking full miles we would be down to about 14 min per mile! That would be pretty fast for us.

What I liked is, we were still able to have a conversation while we were walking. So, we weren't walking our hardest and still ended up going our fastest.

Oh, I felt OK while walking, but I'm a little bit stiff tonight. I'll have to be sure to add in daily walking so I can maintain my endurance.


Anonymous said...

Cindi, glad Deb didn't let you get out of your speed work.

I have a suggestion. While I am not an expert, so consider the source, but I would try to go even faster on your speed works; your tempo, or in this case, your interval walks. Speed workouts, by definition, are not at a comfortable or conversational pace. They are at a higher exertion.

So, I think to have more effective or meaningful speed workouts, you and Deb need to push it a little more, where you are laboring to have a conversation.

You guys can talk during your 3-minute breaks between intervals!

Larry Smith

Cindi said...

You are absolutely right. Because Deb did Big Sur, then the Flying Pig Half Marathon the following week, she wasn't up to walking harder. We'll walk harder next week.

I was really impressed that even though we weren't walking our hardest we were still faster than what we were a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

That's what good training will do for you. You are building up that base.

I did the Flying Pig Half also. Surprised I didn't see Deb. It was just us and about 17,000 other people.

I enjoyed that race. Great views of Cincinnati and Northern Ky from the bridges over the Ohio River, and through Eden Park in Mt. Adams. That was my first Flying Pig.