Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speed Workouts Pay Off

Today we did three 1-mile laps at race pace. We have a 5-mile race Monday morning. I thought we should shoot for a 14:30 pace, but was out-voted.

Here's the cool thing: We walked at what felt like our normal pace, which has usually been about 15-min per mile. (We had planned to take the first mile easy.) That first mile was 14:23! The second mile we messed around a little and the distance was off. The third mile was even faster at about 14:18!

I'm pretty excited! This is the fastest I've been in years!

OK, my plan for Monday's race is to do the first mile in about 14:30, and to get progessively faster. With luck, I should be able to complete at least one mile in under 14 min.

I'm just another walker who is proof that Dave McGovern is right. In order to walk faster, you need to practice walking faster.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cindi, way to go! See, that speed work really pays off.

Monday, I will be near the finish line cheering you on!