Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Gets in the Way

OK, I had planned to leave the office on time, rush home, walk, fix dinner and finish up some stuff.

I got caught up on some last minute things and left the office 30 min late. Not the end of the world - I still had plenty of time to walk when I got home.

Pulled in the driveway and my son met me at my car. Tonight I had promised to get him a new cell phone. (It's a gift.) So we went to the phone store, and of course they had to change our phone plan and update this and update that before they could add a phone number. We were there over an hour. Argh! And how could I ask my son to fix dinner when he had 300 teens to text.

By the time dinner was prepared and eaten it was late and I'm behind. It's cold and drizzly outside and I'm not in training for anything specific right now, so I don't HAVE to walk in the rain today.

I have an appointment for speed night tomorrow. We are doing a 5-mile race Monday, so we are doing three 1-mile laps at race pace. (I'm not a total slackard.)

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