Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning with the Buckeye Striders

The great thing about being a member of a walking club is that every week a group of us get together and walk. Knowing there is that group of people waiting for you can help to wake up early on a Saturday and get out.

The only bad thing about walking with a large group of people is making sure everyone has someone to walk with. I mean, that's the point of being a member of a club, right?

The Buckeye Striders has members of all speeds and fitness levels. We all have a pace we are comfortable with and sometimes we have to alter it to walk with others.

Today we had about 13 people in our group. It was an out and back walk today, and it was really fun the way we took turns walking with each other! Some went faster, some went slower, we traded. It was a good morning!

Note: We met at Tuttle Park, which was especially beautiful today. The temps were mild when we started and it warmed up quickly as we went. We ended up going a little over an hour and I hope we got in at least 4 miles. We were not at our fastest. Still, it was a good workout!

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