Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recovering -- I Think

I'm not sure what I am recovering from. According to my doctor I do not have a flu. From the way I feel I know this is not a cold. But whatever it is, it is hard to recover from.

My symptoms are mostly gone with a little bit of a cough lingering. The problem is I'm easily exhausted. I went to the grocery store and nearly needed a nap when I got home.

Anyway, I've barely left the house since last Monday. I have now officially passed the illness along to my husband. We have encouraged our son to spend the night at friends' houses and to stay away as much as possible. With any luck he won't get it, too.

My plan for walking is to see if I can make it around the block tomorrow. If I can, I'll try two times and see how that goes.

I just hope I feel well enough on Thanksgiving to finish the 4-mile race I've entered. But then again, I'm just thankful I'm no longer contagious.

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