Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday's Walk Speedier than Usual

This morning when the Buckeye Striders met for our weekly group walk, a bunch of us started at a much quicker pace than usual. The funny thing is, I set the pace. Yes, my regular walking pace is getting quicker -- my speed workouts are working!

We walked straight out on the Olentangy Trail (south) from the Park of Roses for 30 min and then turned around. The cool thing is, we reached the start again after walking only 56 min! I'm pretty sure we went farther than 4 miles, too. I'm so exited that we got faster as we went.

It was a beautiful morning with temps in the 40s and lots of sunshine. On top of that, there were more Striders than usual. It was a very fun morning!

Though it feels strange not being in training for an event, it was nice to be able to meet at our regular walking time and not worry about walking a specific distance. I even felt that meeting at 8 was sleeping in! (I better not tell Deb, she'll try to get me out as early as 7 again!)

Hey everyone -- thanks for a fun morning walk!


Nyle said...

Great to hear you are enjoying your walks. Its often the way .. you rest up and take it easy but somehow you get faster??? due to no pressure you see.... lol ... I am sure you will find an event soon enough but for now just enjoy your walks.

Cindi said...

Funny you should mention that we'll find an event -- our walking club just started talking about hosting our own informal half marathon in January or February to give all of us an event. It could be a lot of fun!

You are right -- sometimes when you are not training for something, you do suddenly get faster. I'm just going to enjoy it.