Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am Such a Hypocrite!

Last night it was snowing as I went to bed, but it wasn't cold. I was excited and even looked forward to walking this morning.

However, I got stuck on a blog posting I really wanted to finish (different blog) and was up much later than I had wanted to be. Then I started reading the next chapter of Dickens' The Christmas Carol, which I had never read before, and before I knew it, it was way too late to walk with my walking club.

My alarm went off in plenty of time, but I just could not get out of bed. After my friend Deb called to see if I would be there, I got dressed and showed up in time to meet everyone for our club breakfast board meeting.

The temps were in the mid-30s, the snow had melted off the streets and it looked to be a great morning for walking!

So, here I am, an outspoken person who brags about walking year-round, and the first time it snows this winter, I end up sleeping in. Today, I am a hypocrite.

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