Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walking in Snow

Today, I awoke to more snow. It wasn't big, beautiful, heavy flakes like you see in Christmas movies that make you want to run outside and play -- it was tiny flakes that are hard and frozen, and kind of bounce off your water-resistant jacket

My first thought was, "Wow, it's up to 37 degrees! I definitely have no excuse to walk today."

The last time I walked it was 37 degrees and I was WAY overdressed, so today I convinced myself to wear one less layer and it felt perfect! I was slightly cold as I walked outside, but there was no wind -- just lightly pelting snow. After about 10 min I was totally warmed up and felt great.

The walk lasted about 30 min. and I didn't push as hard as I would have liked, but I was a little nervous about the possibility of slipping and falling.

Still I'm thrilled I was out walking. Next time I'll be sure to go out longer and walk harder.

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