Monday, December 07, 2009

New Shoes -- New Balance

Finally! I finally bought a new pair of shoes for walking -- New Balance 905s.

Because it's been awhile since I've had a pair of shoes I was really happy with, I took my last five pairs of shoes and told the shoe guy exactly what I liked and disliked about each pair. Now that I don't get sample shoes for reviews like I used to, I didn't even have any ideas for what I'd want.

I had a few pairs I liked, but they didn't really fit the type of walking I do. For example, the Brooks trainers that were light and flexible were too light for halves. The pair of Nikes that had lots of support were way too thick and heavy to even attempt to racewalk. (When my feet were sore, they were GREAT!)

My favorite recent pair was New Balance a few upgrades back. The first upgrade after that gave me blisters like crazy.

Anyway, I was told that this new upgrade -- New Balance 905 -- should have resolved the problems I had with the last pair. They felt great and I'm giving them a try!

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