Sunday, May 16, 2010

Badge of Courage

The vast majority of people who complete marathons or half marathons end up with at least one black toenail during their racing career. Because it is longer than the rest, the second toe on my left foot is affected most often. It is currently nearly black after completing the Arizona Distance Classic last month and the Indy Mini Marathon last week. Because my shoes fit well, it isn't as black as it has been and probably will not fall off. But it is noticeably "gray." (I hate it when I lose toe nails.)

I have to admit I like having a black nail. It is my badge of courage. It is evidence that I have done something that took training, commitment and physical ability. Every time I look at my foot I think proudly, "I walked two half marathons in a month. I earned this!"

The problem is, this time of year I LOVE to wear open toed shoes! It's not just my Croc brand sandals, either. I just bought a wonderful pair of Mootsie Tootsie snake skin peep-toe shoes. The fake snake pattern is black and beige, and they look fantastic with my black suit. (Yes, I do occasionally wear things other than walking clothes and jeans.) But, my black toe peaks out, too.

Though I somewhat agree with the unwritten rule that if your toes are showing, they need to have polish, right now I can't do that. I cannot cover up my toe nail. And I hope someone will look at my great shoes, notice my nail and ask about it. I have a reason to brag right now.

So, for a little while I will keep my black toe visible. Maybe in a week or so after I've had a chance to really show it off in my new peep-toe shoes I'll cover it up with a great pink.


I would have posted a photo of my toe, but I lent my digital camera to my sister for the weekend. Maybe when she returns in a couple of days.

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