Sunday, May 02, 2010

Postponed Walk to Miss Rain

This morning it was raining, so I decided to skip walking until later in the day. I got busy and never had the chance to fit in the walk until nearly 7. And at that point, you guessed it, it was raining!

So, I put on walking clothes, grabbed a water-resistant jacket and head out the door. The problem is, the temps are in the 70s, so it is really too warm to wear a jacket. I just was not in the mood to get soaked. After about 20 min the rain stopped and I was able to remove the jacket.

I walked for only 55 min instead of the 6 miles scheduled. I know I'll be OK for next week's Indy Mini Marathon, but I would have liked to burn the extra calories.

The good news is I felt fine the entire walk. Whatever had been causing me to feel tied the first couple miles of every walk is now officially over.

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