Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Burned Out

Even though I walked for an hour Sunday morning and 30 min tonight, I had no enthusiasm for it. I am officially burned out.

The only logical thing to me is that doing the Indy Mini Marathon and the Arizona Distance Classic so close together must have been too much. 

I had plans to enter a couple more half marathons in the next few months, but the thought of doing 10-mile training walks is not even remotely appealing to me. I don't even care how fast I'm getting. In fact, the only reason I walked these last two times is because I know I needed the exercise and I need to burn off some calories. I am concerned about losing all of my training and endurance because mentally, I can't work my way back up to 10 miles again anytime soon.

So, for the time being I'll keep walking just because I need to. And I hope eventually I'll begin to enjoy it and look forward to doing it again. It's happened before and I worked through it -- I'm sure I will work through it again.

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