Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Sea Monster is Gone!

Today there was a little sunshine, so I decided it is time for me to get back outside to walk. Because it was only 20 degrees out, I bundled up in my heavy winter coat, some winter shoes and went out into the neighborhood in blue jeans.

I'm one of those people who walk the same route quite a bit. When I plan to be out for just a quick walk, like today, I usually head north and then do a quick loop around the "big block." When I do just one loop, I usually go a little bit farther down one block and loop back. It doesn't add much distance, but I like to go by the house with the great lawn decoration -- a giant sea monster. What I love about the sea monster is that it is in several pieces, and when put in the grass correctly, it looks as if it is swimming through the yard with parts of the body breaking the surface as it swims. I have wanted to get pictures of this guy for several months, but keep thinking I'll do it next time.

Well today, I was looking forward to seeing the sea monster gliding through the snow. I walked down the north side of the street, crossed over to where the sea monster lives, looked up and he was gone! The monster has been in that yard for so long, I can't remember him not being there. I could see the patches of green grass where the pieces used to sit with footprints leading toward the house. Darn! I never got a photo of it!

So I was somewhat depressed as I walked through the rest of the neighborhood, dodging ice patches and trying to avoid cars (because many of the sidewalks were horrible).

The good news is, I have broken the chain of dark grey cold days preventing me from going outside. It is time for me to get acclimated again, and this is the start.

Still, I'm going to really miss that sea monster!

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