Sunday, February 06, 2011

Track Workout Saturday

You know the weather is bad when you are looking forward to walking on an indoor track. Yep, it is winter in Ohio and the track at Capital University sounded wonderful for the Buckeye Striders' weekly walk yesterday!

My plan was to work on speed and form since it is so much easier for me to do that inside. Deb walked in Lane 2 or 3, Cheryl tended to be in Lane 3 or 4, and I was mostly in Lane 5. When we reached the curve of the track, I picked up my pace to try to keep up with Deb. It was challenging, especially when she and Cheryl started picking up the pace on the curves so I had to work a little bit harder. (Funny!) Despite the teasing, I was able to keep up -- most of the time.

I did feel faster and when I did my last half-loop sprint, I felt my form held up pretty well, too! I'm pretty excited because it felt good and Deb said she thought I was faster. (Thanks, Deb!)

In addition to the positive vibes and positive feedback, I can tell I had a good workout -- I'm stiff today. I'm stiff enough that I am limiting the number of times I make myself go upstairs for anything! (Ouch!)

So, though I'm looking forward to some sunny days and outside workouts, I'm really enjoying the occasional trip to the indoor track.

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