Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sunny Florida

It may seem that I am obsessed with weather. Maybe I am.

I had the opportunity to be in Orlando for three days. (Unrelated to WALK! Magazine.) What a difference from Ohio! I left grey skies and iffy weather, though for Ohio it isn't really cold. I arrived to 85 degrees and beautiful sunshine! Meetings prevented much walking, but I was able to be out for about 45 minutes March 15. It was wonderful walking around looking at palm trees, flowering plants with vibrant colors, and green grass. (Though the grass in Florida is different from the Kentucky Blue I'm used to up here.) The sun was shining and there was a refreshing breeze. Even the humidity cooperated. I know the heat and humidity of summer in Florida would be difficult for me to deal with, but this time of year it was exactly what I needed.

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