Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Time is NOT on my side

I've had some fantastic walks over the last two weekends and just have not had a chance to write about them!

I have some great things going on with the magazine, I'm very excited, and again, have not had time to write about them.

I've lost the momentum about the walks, so maybe next time. But I can fill you in about the magazine.

1) We are hopeful to have someone selling advertising fulltime sometime soon! Woo hoo!
2) We had magazine samples at an EBSCO event over the past weekend. (Libraries buy magazines through EBSCO.) It seems very promising!
3) The Columbus Distance Classic is this weekend and it will be great to see all of the walkers at the expo. I am so proud of the walkers who trained with me through the Fleet Feet training program!
4) We are talking to a couple of other races/events about possible sponsorship! I will let you know as soon as details are finalized. (Look for us in Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon later this year!)

That is it for now.

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