Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Beat the Rain

I had good intentions all week. Unfortunately, I'd get too bogged down in stuff, postpone walking and then just never do it. (Again, this is why it is usually recommended that we walk earlier in the day, right Cindi?)

Again, good intentions today, but I wanted to get some big stuff done before I went out. About an hour ago I heard thunder. Just what I need, to end a beautiful day by having to walk in a miserable rain! (It was beautiful all day.)

I quickly changed clothes and walked for 45 min. With about 8 min left to walk, it started to sprinkle, but I got back home before it rained any harder. Perfect timing.

I've been feeling sluggish the last day or two and I am starting to feel better already. Once some things calm down, like in a week or so, I won't have much of an excuse not to walk.

I don't have a problem walking in my neighborhood whenever I feel like going out -- even 10 p.m. or later. In the dark, I tend to stay close to the single family residences right by my house and avoid the apartments and duplexes down the street. I am so bored with walking up and down the same cul de sacs, I decided to break it up by going by the apartments. Let's just say, the apartment dwellers are a little bit scary in the dark. Between the big dogs that don't behave on leashes to the super loud stereos blasting as they drive by with all of their windows down... I learned my lesson. If I'm going to wait until dark to walk, I need to be on the boring cul de sacs where my quiet retired neighbors live.

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