Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Truth About Obesity

If you think you know the truth about obesity, check out the Showtime show Penn & Teller: BS Obesity. In their humorous and sarcastic way, they give a lot of information about obesity myths! Very interesting!

Because I watched the edited version, there was a LOT of bleeping. There is a lot of good information about BMI and the diet industry. I had no idea BMI was developed so long ago. (I personally do not like BMI, there are plenty of people I know who are rated as obese, and I wouldn't even consider them heavy.)

The show features a couple of authors who have written about obesity myths that I'll check out.

If I got Showtime, I'd probably watch Penn & Teller: BS more often. Alas, I'm doomed to just watch the episodes I can find for free online. Luckily for me, this one was a topic I'm interested in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi. I haven't seen the Penn and Teller show, but I do know about the BMI from calculating it for me. It is a joke! I am on the top end of normal, and if I went down to the lower normal end of the BMI scale, I would weigh about 25 pounds less! Can you imagine me losing 25 pounds? I'd be dead.

I can't believe anyone refers to that stupid calculation or using it for any type of medical or health evaluation anymore.

My advice it to stop using it! It is NOT going to help evaluate your healthy (or unhealthy) weight situation.

Just my humble opinion.

Ah, I feel better now.

Larry, Columbus, Ohio

Anonymous said...

The FTO gene has been linked to obesity and BMI, in several large-scale studies. As per a report submitted by British scientists last year more than half the people of European descent have one or two copies of a variation of this gene. Individuals with two copies of the gene variant are on average 7 pounds heavier and 67 percent more likely to be obese than those who don't have it.