Thursday, September 25, 2008

Since Sunday's Race

Monday I walked for about 20 min. The first 10 min were great, but coming home my legs felt SO heavy!

Last night I had a massage. I thought about walking, but decided a massage would be more beneficial. I wish he had dug a little harder at the knots in my shoulders and at my IT band, but otherwise it felt great!

Today, my walking buddy Deb and I met at Antrim Park. I love the small lake and the ducks. Very relaxing!

Our plan was to just walk easy - no racewalking allowed. We did three laps at 1.2 miles per lap in about an hour. (Stop watches were not allowed either.) My legs were feeling very heavy and antsy earlier today, so I knew I needed to get out. The easy walk was exactly what I needed.

Right now I plan to do 4 miles with our walking club Saturday morning. It will be at our regular pace, but I think I'll be ready. I'm hoping to pick up our Detroit training next week.

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