Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being on the Local News

Today Deb, Elaine and I were doing a light hill workout before the half marathon Saturday. We got to the top of the hill at Griggs Reservoir when a gentleman hopped out of an NBCi car with a camera man and said he'd like to interview us.

We agreed thinking that, because we were racewalking and hot and sweaty, they wanted to ask us some health and fitness questions. I was pretty excited, thinking about what we would say.

Then the reporter, Matt Alvarez, informed us our water bills will be increasing because of tax increases and wanted to know what we each think about it! HA!

It is supposed to air tonight on the 11 p.m. news, but I doubt if I'll stay up. I was hot, sweaty, my hair was a mess (from being hot and sweaty) and I wanted to talk about something really important, like health and fitness.

It felt like it was going to rain, in fact, we almost didn't go tonight because of the weather. At my recommendation Deb and I met a little before 5. As we climbed our first hill, Elaine drove up behind us, parked the car and walked the rest of the way with us! We did just two reps for a mile total with a half mile warm up and cool down. We ended up walking a total of 2 miles.


Nyle said...

thats just never know when your 15mins of fame will come your way.

malvs2walk said...

Film at 11...

Cindi said...

The funny thing was, I was wearing a WALK! Magazine shirt! I would have loved it if the magazine was still around. Maybe I'll get a couple more blog followers out of it.