Friday, August 21, 2009

Race Day Decisions -- What to Wear!

I have often joked with my husband that you can tell what my current interest is by the types of T-shirts I own. When I threw competitive darts, I had shirts from various dart tournaments. I also have a collection of shirts from the different rivers I have rafted. (I still love white water rafting.) I now have an absolutely huge collection of shirts from races! Many are cotton and the most recent ones are mostly technical fabrics. (The technical fabric shirts don't seem to fit as well for some odd reason.)

So, packing for the Parkersburg Half Marathon I could not decide what shirts to pack. Do I take WALK! Magazine shirts even though the magazine has folded? Should I take a shirt from my favorite race? Do I pick a shirt I know Deb won't wear?

I love wearing the Big Sur Marathon shirt because it generates lots of conversation. I like wearing the WALK! Magazine shirts because they say "Why run slow when you can walk really fast!" Sometimes I like wearing shirts that show I'm from Columbus or even shirts from the last time I did that same race. You never wear the race day shirt the day of the race -- only geeks do that!

I'm not sure why this time was harder. So, I have my favorite Parkersburg T-shirt (red cotton) for the trip there. I've packed the WALK! Magazine Walking Team shirt for the race. (The team still exists.) And I have a plain solid-colored shirt if I feel like looking like an adult later in the day. (Sometimes I do that.) Right now I'm planning to wear my race shirt home. Yea, sometimes I'm also a geek.

(Photos to come after the race.)

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