Monday, September 28, 2009

Finished Half Marathon Strong!

Sometimes I get geeky about tracking statistics. That's why it drove me nuts when I had a watch malfunction during my last half and could not verify whether I had picked up my pace in the last 3 miles. You know how it is, you think you are pushing hard, but you can't tell if you are moving any faster.

Now, thanks to Larry, I do know! (He's better with number than I am.) The good news is, I picked up the pace quite a bit. I averaged 13:48 per mile for the last 3 miles! Yea!

I practice speeding up for the last mile or so of our long slow distance days. And I was trying very hard in the last 10th of a mile to pass that woman who passed me. It's very exciting to know I was successful -- even if I couldn't catch her! (I wonder if I should somehow thank that fast walking woman?)

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