Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Long Slow Distance Before Air Force

We did our last long slow distance training walk before next week's Air Force Half Marathon. We started at the Columbus Park of Roses, got on the bike trail and headed north.

There were no mile markers near our start point and it took longer than 12 min before we saw the first one. We ended up walking north until we reached the third mile marker and then turned around. From mapping our route on MapMyWalk, I determined we walked 7.6 miles. We finished in about 1:50, for an average of 14:28 per mile. Following is a map of the course we walked. Again, it is much better in either hybrid or satellite mode.

I think this bike trail is very pretty, but I don't like how crowded it gets. Today wasn't as bad as other Saturdays. Maybe the bike riders have figured out that Saturday morning is not the best time to be out there. It seemed as if there were fewer runners, too. There were still plenty of marathon training groups, but each group didn't seem as big.

Regardless, it was a beautiful morning for walking 7 miles!

11:49 - 0.8 mile
14:47 - 1st full mile
14:26 - 2nd full mile
14:28 - 3rd full mile
14:21 - 4th full mile
14:25 - 5th full mile
14:37 - 6th full mile
11:06 - 0.8 mile

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