Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Fits! It's a Miracle!

This is going to be pretty hard to believe -- at least for the women who read this blog. But here goes.

Because I'm very excited about the U.S. Air Force Marathon (Half) this weekend, I drove to Dayton tonight to pick up my packet. I didn't need to go tonight, I'm going tomorrow night for the spaghetti dinner. I just wanted my packet.

When I arrived at the shirt table they reminded me that the shirts are in women's sizes and are made from a technical fabric! Woo hoo! I had completely forgotten.

Though all of that is good, the great news is THE SHIRT FITS! WOO HOO! And it is a great color -- Air Force blue!

I was so excited I had my husband take a photo immediately so I could post it.

So, the shirt is great, my number has my name on it, the water stops have historically been very good, there's a new half course this year to remove the horrible hills and I know the medals will be fabulous.

I can tell right now, this is going to be a really good race!

[I probably should have combed my hair or something after driving to and from Dayton, but the shirt was so great, I just had to take a picture.]


Nyle said...

I totally understand......and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Cant wait for the finishing photos and the race report.

Walk strong and smile harder....

Cindi said...

Thanks! I am even more motivated than usual. I don't know why I'm more motivated, but I'm going to use it to my advantage.