Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday's Training Walk

Today's 8-mile walk was partially a recovery walk after last weekend's half marathon and partially a regular long slow distance day in preparation for the Columbus Marathon (Half) October 18. Regardless, we had not intended to push hard today.

I thought it was supposed to be chilly this morning, so had on a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Totally unnecessary! I ran back inside, grabbed a short-sleeved shirt and left. I did have time to change before we started walking -- I would have roasted!

We met at Sharon Woods in Westerville and did 2 laps of 3.8 miles, then made up the last 0.2 mile at the end of the last lap to make it a complete mile. We did a training pace for 7.8 miles and used the last 0.2 for cooldown. (Does that make sense?)

In the last 2 miles it started to sprinkle lightly. It still wasn't cold, but we were all a little damp.

After the walk we had our monthly Buckeye Strider business meeting picnic at a park shelter in the rain. (Luckily it didn't start to rain for real until after we got to the shelter.) We had quiche, lots of fresh fruit, bagels and orange juice. It was fun! And I think the rain added to the fun of it.

Overall, a good start to the weekend.

This week's splits:

14:26 - Mile 1
14:36 - Mile 2
14:40 - Mile 3
12:05 - 0.8 Mile
14:21 - Mile 5
14:22 - Mile 6
14:38 - Mile 7
14:08 - Mile 8
3:05 - 0.2 Mile recovery


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