Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Thought I was Fit ...

Doing two half marathons in the same month -- PRing in the second one -- might indicate a level of fitness. But sometimes I forget that just because I can walk pretty far, and I'm getting faster, that I'm not necessarily fit.

On Saturday for example, we took our niece and nephews to an indoor water park for the day. The cooler water slides required climbing several flights of stairs. Because the park was not crowded, there was almost no wait -- we could go down almost as quickly as we climbed.

The first time up I felt OK. The second time up, I started to feel it. The third time up, I had to rest halfway up. After that I really slowed down. After a while, I just could not go up those stairs one more time. I was exhausted! I ended up heading to our table to rest. Though I ended up going up several more times throughout the day, I had to take breaks.

When we got home that night, I was in a tremendous amount of pain! My legs ached! In fact, I could barely sleep I was so sore. The next day, I avoided the stairs at home as much as possible. Geez!

So, though I am making great strides as a half marathoner, I obviously need to do a little bit of cross training. There is a dam nearby with tons of stairs people run. Maybe I should try hitting the stairs once in a while.

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