Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Two Days Off

I took two days off after Sunday's half marathon. Though I had no intention of walking Monday, I did end up doing a little "casual" walking in a park setting. Though it was slightly tiring, it still qualifies as a day off. Yesterday, I had planned to get in a few easy miles, but an appointment with a plumber caused me to postpone.

So today I went back to doing hills with Deb and Elaine. I was pretty excited because I barely felt the first couple of hills. By the time we did the fourth and last set, I was just starting to feel the inclines. Here's where I wimped out -- I could have done at least one more lap, but I quit when Deb and Elaine were ready.

So I felt great and could have worked harder, but I didn't. Besides, I have an excuse. I just did a half marathon on Sunday. No one would expect me to go all out just a couple of days after a long-distance race.

We did a half mile warm-up, four "laps" of hills and a half mile cool-down. All this in 59:56.

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