Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Impulse Race Registration

Today I registered for the Emerald City Half Marathon to be held in Dublin this Sunday. Yeah, it was an impulse.

I don't normally register for half marathons on a whim. In fact, I almost registered for this one a couple of weeks ago. There were a bunch of lame reasons for why I didn't register -- including the fact that this race director's shirts do not normally fit me and I'm tired of getting shirts that don't fit. Then today I received an e-mail from race director David Babner and I changed my mind. I had forgotten that this is the inaugural year for this race. In addition, there will be bloody Marys at the after-race party and this race is providing women's shirt sizes! The other good thing is, the race is local and does not require a stay in a hotel.

Part of the reason I decided to do this race after all is that I need to do 12 miles this weekend in preparation for the Air Force Half Marathon later this month. It will be a whole lot more fun to do this race with my friends than to do 12 miles alone.

After I registered for the event this morning, I was impressed. When I stopped by Fleet Feet to pick up my packet this evening, my name was on the list! Woo hoo! I didn't even need to print out the receipt I was carrying with me just in case. I went early to pick up my stuff to be sure there would still be shirts in my size available. (The funny thing is, though I was very excited that the shirt was a women's sizes, I didn't even try it on until a couple of minutes ago. It fits!)

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