Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Did I Keep my 2010 Resolutions?

Though my resolutions did not make it to this blog, I'm going to use this venue to let you know how successful I was:

Lose that pesky 10 lbs I’ve been fighting for a while.
  Yes I did! I actually lost 12 lbs, though I'm working on losing the 2 I gained back over the holidays. I was told by losing that small amount of weight, I had a good chance at being faster. I am getting faster, so maybe there is something to it.

Purge clothes I don’t wear and get rid of stuff I don’t need. Buy clothes that fit.  Did this one, too, though there are a few more things in my drawers I could probably still throw away. The biggest thing was getting rid of the stuff that was too big so I won't be tempted to gain the weight back again. It was also key to buy clothes that fit. I had been walking around too long with safety pins holding my pants up. Had a good shopping spree at the end of the year!

Have my hair professionally colored all year long to avoid the orange brassy color I am known for. Do it more often to avoid the skunk look.  Yes! I had only one month where I went too long.

Stop procrastinating – like waiting until January 3 to write a list of resolutions.
  I'm still working on this, but I am getting better (though I have not written this year's resolutions yet).

Follow through with all of the physicals and medical checkups I should be doing every year.
  Partially successful. I found a new doctor and went. I have an appointment for a physical early this year. I still have two regular health tests to schedule, but I had to wait until after the first of the year.

Take out the trash. (I don’t know why, but I can let a trash can overflow for days!)  Again, I'm getting better and no longer require a reward when I do take out the trash.

Try to spend a few minutes in silence every day.
  Absolutely not! Now that I have a new iPod, not likely to happen.

Be more patient, less judgmental and say fewer negative things. Be friendlier.
  Though doing better, there is always room for improvement.

Have more fun. Play with my dogs more often.

Be more generous with my time and money.
  Yes, but I still need more work when it comes to giving time. Luckily, we have friends who need to recruit volunteers, and we always jump to help them.

Sleep more. Eat better. Exercise more.
  Did not do so well with sleep, but I am eating better (which is why I lost weight) and I have been exercising regularly.

Read for fun.
  I read several books!

Have a good beer once in a while.
  Yep! I still drink cheap beer, but I will splurge on a good one a little more often.

Plant daffodils.
  It was the last day in December when the soil was still thawed enough, but I finally did it. This spring I will be so happy I did!

Reduce stress – especially about turning 50.
  Yes, it is getting better. I can even say "I am 50" aloud without cringing!

I'm still working on this year's resolutions. I hope to post them soon!

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