Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts on Gyms

Though I am enjoying the one-month gym membership my sister gave me as a gift, I'm not sure it is really me.

First, being outside year-round helps my mental attitude. Sun in the winter, or a walk in fluffy or crunchy snow are fun! Walking outside helps to keep me from getting depressed.

The nice thing about the gym is it doesn't matter how cold it is, I can still get in some major miles. Plus, I love the fact I can work on form next to a mirror. It is so much easier to feel walking smooth and not bouncing while on a treadmill, though I am having a hard time pushing off with my toes.

It is really difficult to do major miles on a treadmill. Even though I did only 35 min today, and I even did intervals to break up the monotony, it was still hard to finish. I just get bored too easily.

I really like the weight-lifting equipment. At the same time, we have a bunch of free weights at home and I can probably work up a good routine there.

So, I can see the benefit of gym membership, and I am enjoying it. I just don't think it is something I would be able to keep up because of boredom.

Today I walked for about 40 min total -- 5  min as warmup before weightlifting, then 35 min after. I used the first 5 min as warmup, then alternated a 1-min sprint at a 12-min-mile pace with 3 min at a 15-min-mile. I ended up walking 2.33 miles. My peak heart rate was 173, average heart rate was 133. The treadmill said I burned about 200 calories.


Michele said...

You need an iPod with some kicking music to make a treadmill bearable. I have one at home with a TV in front of it, but gym TVs are a little harder to enjoy unless the treadmill is a newer one with the screen built in.

tom said...

I don't think I could do a treadmill long term. But I'm glad we have an indoor track at our gym, where I did a pleasant, non-boring 3.5 miles earlier today. With all the snow and ice this winter, it's been a workout saver.

And, yes, a little music or a podcast in your ear helps speed you along.

Cindi said...


I just found podcasts with music! Had no idea thet existed. I think I will try it. I'm in the process of adding some of my favorite music to my iPod, too. Still trying to figure out how to download music I want without ending up with all of my son's choices. (He does have a couple I like, but not many.)

Cindi said...


I think I would like a track better. If this gym has one, I don't know about it. When our wlaking club has used tracks in bad weather, I've used it for interval training. It helps break up the monotony.

Right now I'm addicted to audiobooks, which do help to keep me distracted, but do nothing for helping to maintain a speed. I need to start trying music.

BTW: One advantage of using a treadmill at a gym -- I can people watch! There are some VERY interesting there!