Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yesterday's Official PR!

I was finally able to access Athlinks today and it is official -- my 5K PR was yesterday at 41:16! In addition, my 1 mile PR was yesterday, too!

My previous 5K personal record was 42:50, so yesterday I cut 1 min and 34 sec from that finish time. My previous fastest mile was 13:26 (during the News and Sentinel Half Marathon). My current 1 mile PR is now 13:14.

What is more impressive to me about the 1 mile speed is that lately I've been averaging about 14 min per mile and when I sprint it has been about 13:40 to 13:50.

Yes, I'm pretty excited!

UPDATE: According to the race website, my finish time yesterday was 39:37 with an average pace of 12:49. I'm not sure how they got that since according to my watch, my fastest mile was 13:14.


Tammy said...

CONGRATS on your PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!

Cindi said...

Thanks, Tammy! One of my goals this year is to get faster. I'm excited I'm starting out well.

Wendee said...

Yay! PR! Congrats, Cindi! All that hard work is paying off!