Monday, February 20, 2012

Faked out by the Sun

Last week, this section of the trail was covered
with snow, making the hills beyond the
curve treacherous.
This morning the sun was shining, the temps felt mild and there was no wind. It was beautiful! I could not believe it could be this beautiful in Ohio in February.

Because it was so beautiful, I assumed it was warm out. I left the house wearing one long-sleeved shirt, a wind-resistant jacket, winter-weight walking tights, light gloves and a hat. I almost didn't wear the hat but my hair was a mess, so I covered it up. (Thank goodness!)

Walking to the start of the Sharon Woods trail, I was a little bit cold, but you are supposed to be a little cold. At least, the people who tell me I over-dress all of the time say I should be a little bit cold.

In the first one-quarter mile, I was very cold. My hands were freezing, my face was freezing and I was cold all over. I really just did not want to turn around and go back to the car, so I talked myself into believing I would warm up. Well, I didn't. (Even seeing a fawn the size of a Golden Retriever didn't distract me from being cold.)

The sun was so bright,
I wore sunglasses.

When I finished the first loop, I went back to my car to get my gaiter and switch to a warmer pair of gloves. I am so glad I did! After that, when the sun was on my back, I started to feel too hot, but as soon as I was in shade I got cold again. In the area of the park we call The Plains, there was a little wind and it was pretty cold.

I have to be honest. I have not been getting in enough mid-week mileage. So today's 10 miles was more difficult than it should have been. After 8, I was moving slower! I was moving slow enough that I didn't even do a complete 10 miles -- it was only 9.6. (Each loop is really only 3.8 miles. I didn't go the extra 0.4 after two laps.) Sometimes it takes a "bad" distance day to remind you how important it is to get in the mid-week miles.
It is hard to tell, but this
fawn is very small.

Despite it being a slightly rough long-distance day between the cold and not being ready for the miles, I feel fortunate to have had such a beautiful sunny day in February!

Deer and turkey live in Sharon Woods. Today I saw an adult deer and a fawn about the size of a Golden Retriever! I heard the turkeys calling, but I didn't see any.



Amber said...

I was at Sharon Woods on Sunday and was also struggling. It was just one of those days! I love seeing (and hearing)the wildlife up there!

Cindi said...

I love this park! It is one of my favorite places to do long mileage.