Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Go Slow

The Sharon Woods trail approaching the first hill. The odd thing is,
from here the trail goes downhill first, right after the above turn.
Sunday morning there was a little bit of snow on the ground and the temperature was only 17 degrees (4 with the windchill) as I planned to get in my 8 miles. Again I felt the need to trick myself into doing the mileage alone, so I went back to Sharon Woods.

In less than 1/4 mile, I slipped two times and was not sure I should even be there. I turned around to head back to my car. While slinking back, I passed a couple other people heading out to run on the same slick trail I decided was too slick. If they can run in this, I can at least try walking a little farther than 1/4 mile!

I turned around again deciding that I would do one loop, and if it was too slick, I would not do the second loop.

In the first 2 miles, there are a couple of hills that had me nervous. I walked cautiously trying to be aware of any ice patches. I have to admit, going down the hills was harder than climbing them -- I felt more in control climbing.

After passing the hills, life got easier. The trail was less slick and there were even patches that were totally clear! I picked up my pace a tiny bit.

When I reached the end of the loop, I knew I was not going to do the hills again. I opted to turn around and walk 2 miles out and back on the flat section of the loop. It was perfect! I was even able to pick up my pace a tiny bit more.

Before leaving my house, when I saw the temps and the snow on the ground, I was not thrilled about walking. But I knew it was my only opportunity to get in this week's miles. And even though there were a couple of slick spots, I am glad I did it.

What I wore: two long-sleeved technical shirts, windproof jacket, winter leggings with a looser fitting pair of walking pants over the leggings, gloves, hat and gaiter around my neck. I also used hand warmers in my gloves. If I could have worked up more speed, I would have been plenty warm enough. As it turned out, it took until the last 4 miles until I started to get a little too warm.

It took 2:03 to do 8 miles. The first couple were slower than 15:30, my fastest was 14:09. Racewalking was not really an option. Once I quit trying, I slipped a lot less.

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