Monday, February 27, 2012

A Toilet on the Trail

Photos added 2-28-12.
A toilet on the trail.

Saturday, the Buckeye Striders did our 8 miles at Griggs Reservoir. It was cold and windy along the river, but not so bad in the area down by the "Frisbee" Golf Course. (I know Frisbee is a brand name and would not normally use it here, but the City of Columbus has signs saying this is a "Frisbee" course.)

In this area, there were a few trees that had been cut down. A creative person used a chain saw to cut some of the logs into shapes. Two logs were cut into a chair and footstool. Another log was cut into the shape of a ... toilet. Yes, a toilet!

The other carved "seat."
We laughed pretty hard, but I didn't have a camera or iPod with me. I went back to the park today to take a picture for this blog, but there were workers back there chipping limbs. I couldn't tell if the toilet was still there -- it was a little ways away and regular traffic was not permitted down that road. Darn!

I appreciated the comic relief in the middle of our chilly, long-distance day. If I have the opportunity to add photos, I will.

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